Utility flight

We provide xp-powered (or, free with VIP 3+) flight at a reduced speed to aid you in building and maneuvering around areas. A single level of experience lasts roughly 30 seconds, putting 10 levels of xp at 5 minutes of flight.

Upon joining, if you're mid air (logged off flying) xp flight or free fly will be enabled automatically. If you have free fly, it will be automatically enabled when you join regardless if you're mid air (except if you have an elytra equipped) and when you move back into the flight height.

XP & free fly only works in the main world Nobody can fly in the nether or end, even VIPs

Flight range

You can fly anywhere in the overworld between Y 55-1000. When going below Y 62 you will get a chat notification that you won't be able to fly much lower. When going below Y 55, flight will be disabled. After one warning notification is sent, a 25 second cooldown will incur to prevent spam (ex. if you have a base at the Y level and dip in and out of the warning range often)

Why slower & height limits?

In order to retain a true to Minecraft feel the flight speed has been lowered as to not make Elytra obsolete. Additionally, it has been disabled under Y 55 to prevent flight in caves, making them more challenging.


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