Staff application info

Moderators do all the same things as regular server members, but have additional responsibilities designated in surface-level community management to ensure the server stays fun and enjoyable for all. We're always happy to consider avid members who are eager to engage and help the community for the position. If you're interested, ensure you meet the below requirements and shoot us a message in a private ticket via the #contact-staff channel on vibe's Discord server.

Requirements to apply

If you're nearly meeting a requirement but not fully, we are likely to waive the full requirement for you. Requirements that can be waived if close to meeting are denoted with a *

  • 16 or older*

  • Been actively part of the community for 3 or more months*

  • 50 or more hours of play time on the server (AFK time does not count)*

  • Regularly active on the server and the Discord

  • Highly knowledgeable about the server, its features, rules, etc.

  • Generally well known by the community with good standing

  • Have no punishments, rule violations, or other infractions on your server record

  • Server level 50 or higher*

Core responsibilities

  • Answer any server/gameplay questions members may have

  • Apply sanctions to rule-breakers

  • Help resolve/shut down disputes among members

  • Raise concerns or issues to admins that might require them

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