ⓥ vibecoin

The main servers currency that is exchangeable between players. Use it for items, community tasks, and try and reach the 10K cap! Each new player stats with a balance of 100 vibecoin.

Making money

The best way to make vibecoin is by selling tapping all sources; the auction house, the server sell shop, completing quests, selling items to player's shops at the market, winning chat games, voting, and by making your own shop and selling in-demand items.

Vibecoin loss on death

When you die you will lose 35% of your current balance. High VIP tiers can lower the loss down to 20%. Currently, if you have no vibecoin you will not lose anything and keep inventory remains active


  • /bal [name] See your or another players vibecoin balance

  • /pay <name> <amount> Send vibecoin

  • /sales View your recent chest shop (market) sale history

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