Community Tasks

Community tasks let players make quick requests to the community. Think of it like a community job listing board. You can ask for items or any other services you think somebody would like to do that takes <24 hours.

Tasks become available once you become a Member, and you can only have one task listed at a time. VIP players of any tier get an additional task slot, letting them list up to 2 tasks at the same time.

All task related interactions are done within the /tasks menu. When you create your task, you can set the icon, title, description, payment, and location. Once listed, the payment will be deducted from your balance. Once a player accepts your task, they can teleport to the location you set any time to easily get to the task location, or, if requesting items, a location with a chest for drop off. Once they mark your task completed, they will receive the payment. If a player marks your task as completed but did not complete the task, contact a staff member.

If a player accepts a task but does not complete it within 24 hours, the task will be cancelled and automatically relisted for another user to accept it.

While your task is listed, you can manage the task via the menu and update the payment, description, icon, or other attributes. You may also mark the task as completed or delete it here. If you decide to delete your task, your initial deposit will be refunded to your balance.

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