The tablist can be opened by holding the TAB key. It shows all connected users and various information.


  • Staff have a special aqua symbol on the far left of their name in the tablist.

  • The gray abbreviation on the far left shows the players current location: S for Survival, C for creative plots, PG for party games, PvP for the pvp arena, H for hub, etc.

  • The number following the location abbreviation is the players server level.

  • The abbreviation in [ ] brackets is the players rank.

  • Following rank is the players chosen nickname / display name.

  • Blue "zZz" text appears after display names if that player is AFK.

  • The gray text on the right is the players Minecraft username.

  • The yellow text furthest to the right shows the players ping to the server; the time in milliseconds it takes for the server to send data to that player and vice versa.

The bottom of the tablist shows some of your individual statistics for quick reference, including your ping, hours played, and server level. Server health is also displayed so you can identify if lag you're experiencing is on your end or the server (very rare).

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