Skye is our cherished chat bot made to help answer commonly asked server questions, but she can do a bit of casual interaction too! Skye was officially released on the server on 03/28/20, but has since been updated many times and become a lot smarter!


Skye works by comparing the similarity of public chat messages to a library of overgrowing inputs & outputs known as conversational nodes, each equip with unique settings and thresholds. If your message is similar enough to a conversational node and satisfies its minimum similarity threshold, Skye sends a random response from the that node's collection of responses. For fine tuning, some nodes require you to start or end your message with Skye, while others do not (ex. saying "hello" should not trigger Skye's response without addressing Skye, whereas a specific server question should trigger Skye's response regardless). Once you have interacted with Skye (unless the node is specified as an end of conversation), most other nodes temporarily lose their requirement if present for you to start or end with Skye for a more natural dialogue. This is known as 'locking' on to players. For long responses, Skye will break the content down into multiple messages, each with a dynamic delay based on the length of the last sent portion of response for a natural reading speed. To prevent abuse, most nodes have per-player and or global cooldowns, and Skye will reject answering another question while actively replying to a different question. As of 9/3/23, Skye has 145 conversational nodes!