The parkour mode offers a huge selection of community-made courses for you to challenge yourself on. From competing to get the best times on courses, or just chilling and playing at your own pace, to creating your own unique courses solo or with up to 10 friends (with WorldEdit access!), this mode is sure to be a great pastime—whether you just need a quick break from survival or want to dive in fully and dominate the leaderboards

Use /parkour to play!

Every day, 3 random courses are selected to be showcased right in the lobby

Global leaderboard

In addition to per-course leaderboards, a global board is available in the lobby which shows who has the most leaderboard dominance among all the courses. The purple number shows the amount of leaderboards the player is on, while the pts (points) value is what the board is sorted by. Points are given based on how high you scored on the individual leaderboards. The closer to #1 time in a given course, the more points you will receive from that course. If you are past 5th place in the rankings for the course, you won't receive any points from that course.

Course menu

Once you're in the lobby, you can right-click the diamond to open the course menu. In all menus, the hopper sort button can be used to sort courses by release, difficulty, plays, author, and other details.

The main page shows available courses, hover for info, left-click to play, or right-click to add it to your favorite courses! Favorited courses will appear with a red heart icon in the gui and in featured courses. Favorite courses can be accessed via the nether star button at the bottom of the menu. If you're feeling adventurous, you can use the ender pearl button to join a random course!

My courses menu

To access your course menu, use the chest button on the bottom right of the main menu.

Here, you can create and manage your courses, as well as access unpublished courses that have been shared with you. To create a course, you will be prompted to input a name and size. By default, you can only create a course 60x60 or smaller, down to 25x25. However, VIP players can create larger courses, up to 200x200 depending on your tier. As a newcomer, you can create 2 courses, but this limit increases to 8 as a member and goes up to 30 depending on VIP tier.

The course builder

The course builder is where you design your course, add checkpoints, set course time, and manage other settings. The course size is visualized by a world border, but is not shown once published.

Use the cycling master tool in your hotbar to set up your course

Once all course requirements are met (start & end location and difficulty set), you can publish the course. In order to ensure it's possible, you will be asked to play test the course. Once successfully completed, the course will be published and playable by everybody! You can optionally set the block/item that appears for the course icon in the menu. At any time, you can unpublish the course to edit it again, but do note that this will clear any leaderboard times for the course and will require another playtest.


There are 6 difficulties you can select to display on your courses. It's important to set which you feel most accurately reflects your course to allow players to participate in course difficulties they're most comfortable with.

Available difficulties:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Expert

  • Absurd

  • Varying difficulties

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