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Dimension change commands

General commands

  • /profile Your server profile; see your stats, and manage your settings across the board
  • /spawn Teleport back to the spawn of your current dimension
  • /msg <name> <message> Private message somebody who is online
  • /r <message> Quickly reply to your last pm conversation
  • /mail send <name> <message> Private message somebody who is offline
  • /nickname Update your display name on the server
  • /realname <nickname> See the username behind a nickname. Also quickly viewable in the tablist
  • /afk [optional reason] Announce to the server that you've gone AFK Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • /seen <name> Shows how long its been since someone was online. Or, if they're actively online, how long they've been playing this session
  • /discord Shows the server's Discord invite link
  • /joinmsg Pick your own join message from the options. Extra options available to VIPs
  • /level /lvl See your server level and the cost to level up
  • /leveltop /lvltop See highest leveled players
  • /cglb See the chat games leaderboard & your stats
  • /rules Shows our rules
  • /pmute <username> Temporarily silence messages from another player. Their messages will still appear in chat, but will be censored. To see the message content, hover over it with your mouse.

Fun & cosmetic commands

  • /sit Sit down on the block where you're standing You can also right-click on stairs, slabs & carpets to sit without running the command
  • /lay Lay facing down on the block you're standing on While in this stance, you can also use your movement keys to crawl
  • /layflat Lay facing up where you're standing
  • /smileys Open the smileys menu
  • /pp Open the particle pack menu
  • /vibecheck Get your vibes checked
  • /hug <player> Send a virtual hug
  • /hugtoggle Toggle whether you can receive hugs from others
  • /bonk <player> Bonk (alert) somebody with a noise. Please bonk responsibly!
  • /bonktoggle Toggle whether you can be bonked by others

Survival commands


  • /xpfly Fly in survival (excluding the nether and end) at the cost of your xp
  • /recipe <item name> Instantly see how to craft most items
  • /reservenight /resnight Reserve a night that may only be skipped by you
  • /pvptoggle Toggle your pvp settings
  • /quests /q Open the questing menu
  • /tasks Open the community tasks menu
  • /givepet Transfer pet ownership to another player
  • /mobdex Open the mobdex

Teleporting commands

Land claiming

  • /kit claim Get a new claim shovel and claim checker Cooldown: 30 minutes
  • /abandonclaim Remove the claim you're currently standing in
  • /trust Opens the trust menu to give someone access to your claim(s). Applies to the claim you're standing in, or if in no claim all your claims
  • /untrust <name> Remove someone's access to your claim(s). Applies to the claim you're standing in, or if in no claim all your claims
  • /trustlist Shows a list of the people you've granted claim permissions to
  • /claimlist Shows a list of your claims and their locations
  • /claimexplosions Enables or disables explosions in the claim you're standing in
  • /trapped Teleport out of the land claim you're currently in if you're stuck

Economy commands

VIP exclusive

These commands require a VIP tier to use
  • /fly Toggle infinite utility fly in survival (same as xp fly, minus the xp cost)
  • /enderchest /ec Instantly open your Enderchest
  • /craft Open a virtual crafting table
  • /nightvision /nv Toggle infinite night vision
  • /clearinventory Instantly clear your entire inventory (excluding armor slots)
  • /blocks Instantly condense reversable items in your inventory into blocks for storage
  • /trash Open a virtual trash bin
  • /firework Create an instant firework show around you

Creative plot commands

See the creative plots page

WorldEdit commands

See the WorldEdit page