Community guidelines

We've laid out a comprehensive set of guidelines to keep our community a safe, respectful, and fun-filled space for everyone. By being a part of Vibe Central, whether it's on our Minecraft server, in our Discord, or any other connected platforms, you're agreeing to abide by these rules/guidelines and help uphold them.

Keep in mind, these guidelines are universally applicable within Vibe Central. They cover all forms of interaction and expression, including but not limited to public and private in-game chats, Discord discussions, text on signs, books, renamed in-game entities, and any other content you contribute to our shared space. If you think somebody is breaking a rule, please let us know through our #contact-staff channel on Discord.

At a glance

This summary is meant to provide a swift overview of our rules. Though, we highly encourage you to read the complete set of rules below this summary for a comprehensive understanding.

Conduct & Communication

  • Always approach others with respect and consideration

  • Harassment, discrimination, and hate speech are strictly prohibited.

  • Keep all communication PG-13.

  • No dark or triggering topics.

  • Keep global chat in English for moderation and understanding by others.

  • Do not flood chat or evade filters.

  • Light swearing is permitted on a minimal basis. The use of strong profanities, slurs, or language that could be offensive or disrespectful is not allowed.

  • Do not reveal personal or identifying information about yourself or others.

  • Advertising related to vibe gameplay is permitted; other unrelated advertisements are not.

  • No political discussions or controversial topics.

  • Nicknames should be reflective of your identity and not be changed frequently or used to impersonate others.


  • Griefing, stealing, or otherwise modifying anyone's builds or land, even unclaimed, is not allowed unless you have explicit permission from the creator.

  • Be honest and transparent in all trades, scamming is prohibited.

  • PvP is only allowed if all parties involved have given their explicit consent.

  • Respect the natural environment of the world, and clean up temporary structures. Avoid uselessly or excessively damaging the landscape of the world, i.e. placing blocks under your feet as you travel, making dirt towers, etc.

  • No AFK farming beyond 12 hours in a 24 hour period. No use of auto-clicking or auto-movement.

  • Be mindful in the market. Keep shops by spawn platforms small and get permission from staff to build very big shops. Do not build multiple shops next to each other, spread them throughout market. Get permission from staff before making any additional shops beyond 5 shops.

  • Auction house listings should be priced fairly and have value. Items of similar type should be bundled into a single auction instead of individually to prevent spam. Bundled auctions can be created using /ah sell -b

Server Etiquette & Fair Play

  • Do not engage in activities that impair the server's performance or players' gameplay.

  • Exploitation of features or cheating of any kind or any modifications that give you an unfair advantage over those playing on vanilla is not allowed.

  • Optimization, cosmetic, and utility mods that do not give you an advantage to others on Vanilla are permitted (see full rules below for specific approved mods)

  • Report bugs, glitches, or potential exploits to the staff.

  • Circumventing punishments or restrictions is prohibited.

  • Always provide accurate and honest information when reporting to staff.

  • If you observe any potential rule violations, report them to staff.

Full rules

Section 1 | Conduct & Communication

  1. Be Kind & Respectful

    1. Always approach others with respect and consideration. The principle of mutual respect and understanding should guide all interactions.

      1. Harassment, bullying, or any form of hate aimed at individuals or groups is strictly prohibited

      2. Everyone is to be treated equally without discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other personal characteristics.

      3. Discriminatory language, offensive symbols, or promotion of intolerance is strictly forbidden. We strongly stand against behavior that marginalizes, stigmatizes, or disrespects individuals or groups.

      4. Respect others' requests to cease certain actions or shift the discussion topic.

        1. This rule is intended to promote respectful communication, not to enable unreasonable demands or requests that could negatively impact people and their gameplay, or go against fair play.

    2. If someone indicates they are uncomfortable with a certain conversation or situation, it’s every participating person's job to adjust their behavior and language in a respectful manner.

      1. This rule is intended to promote respectful and considerate communication and to accommodate genuine concerns, not to allow misuse or to enable disruption of community dialogue. It should not be used as a means to cease discussion arbitrarily.

    3. Maintain a respectful and fair attitude when participating in competitive server activities, like party games or pvp.

      1. Toxic behavior, badmouthing or gloating, is not allowed.

  2. Respect Privacy & Personal Information

    1. Personal privacy must always be respected. Do not share or request exceedingly personal or identifying information.

    2. Never reveal another member’s personal details without their explicit consent.

    3. You should always keep your personal information safe. Sharing sensitive details about yourself or excessive information about yourself within our community or the internet in general is strongly discouraged.

  3. Communication and content

    1. A significant portion of our community is under the age of 18. Please ensure your communication remains respectful and appropriate. Unless you know otherwise, assume that you're interacting with a younger audience.

    2. Topics that are contentious, dark, triggering, or potentially distressing, such as explicit or graphic content, real-world violence, personal traumas, or unsettling events, should not be discussed.

      1. Such topics should only be discussed if everyone involved has explicitly agreed to engage in the conversation. This helps ensure we maintain a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for all community members.

    3. As an English based server, public chat should be kept in English for effective moderation and understanding by all members.

      1. Private messaging or other means may be used to communicate in other languages.

    4. Excessive use of capital letters, repetition of the same word or letter, or any other disruptive chat behavior should be avoided.

    5. We have implemented several filters in our in-game chat and Discord server to prevent content that infringes on the rules. Any attempts to bypass these filters, whether by adding extra characters or using other methods, are not permitted.

      1. Despite our best efforts to employ highly accurate and effective filters in place both in-game and on our Discord server to catch rule-breaking content, it’s important to remember that no filter is infallible, and that the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual authoring the content to ensure it aligns with our rules.

    6. Light swearing is permitted on a minimal basis; however, the usage of strong profanities, slurs, or language that could be offensive or disrespectful is strictly prohibited.

    7. Do not repeatedly ask or beg for items or other things in the server.

  4. Advertisements and promotions

    1. Advertisements that are unrelated to server gameplay are not permitted in-game. Acceptable in-game promotions include those related to member's market shops, auction house listings, community waypoints, or other user-created content within the server.

    2. You are allowed to promote your social media accounts, services, and other work in the #self-promo Discord channel.

    3. It’s important to ensure that any promotions do not result in flooding or spamming the chat.

    4. Other Minecraft server or community promotions are not allowed

      1. Detailed references, information, or conversation about servers or communities with fewer than 10,000 members is considered a breach of this rule.

  5. Nicknames and Representation

    1. Nicknames should reflect your commonly used name and should not be changed frequently.

    2. Nicknames with swears, strong language or references to disallowed topics are not allowed.

    3. Using nicknames to impersonate others, even as a joke is not allowed

  6. Politics and Controversial Topics

    1. Making references to political topics or people or talking about issues involving government officials, political parties, religions, or geo-political disagreements is not allowed. The server or Discord is not a place for these kinds of discussions and topics.

Section 2 | Gameplay

  1. Others' Builds and Spaces

    1. Griefing, stealing, or otherwise modifying anyone's builds or land, even unclaimed, is not allowed unless you have explicit permission from the creator.

      1. Ownership of land is determined by sufficient modification of the area, for example, through constructing a house, farm, or other meaningful structure.

      2. Modifying land within a radius of 500 blocks from someone else's work could be considered a violation of this rule.

        1. Shared spaces like the market, vibetown, or other towns are not subject to this radius restriction. However, careful consideration should be given when deciding where to build in close proximity to others.

    2. Naturally generated structures such as villages, strongholds, ruined portals, desert or jungle temples, or witch huts are not protected by this rule unless another player clearly inhabits them.

    3. Failure to respect the guidelines clearly posted at shared locations, for example, community farms requesting replanting, etc., is considered a violation of the rule.

    4. In the servers official town vibetown

      1. Low effort homes or builds with inactive owners (1 or more months of inactivity) may be auctioned off to another player or demolished by staff to ensure the town stays lively.

      2. Very low effort builds may be demolished by staff without prior warning.

      3. Claims in vibetown may be resized to be more reasonable, or removed all-together if the situation calls for that.

    5. If you are on another player’s property, you must respect their space and abide by their requests to leave or refrain from certain things within their space.

      1. You need permission from the property owner before you save a personal or community waypoint that is within 500 blocks

  2. Community Market Standards

    1. Personal structures such as bases/homes, mines, farms, and similar constructions should be positioned away from the market area. This ensures the market space can be solely utilized for trade and commerce.

      1. Any personal structures should be at least 600 blocks from any part of the market to allow for future expansion.

      2. Living in the market is not allowed.

    2. Shops built within a 25 block radius of official waypoint spawn platforms should be no larger than 8 blocks in length or width.

      1. Larger shops should be built further away from spawns.

      2. The location of shops that exceed 25 blocks in length or width require clearance from a staff member before being constructed in the market.

        1. Generally, the larger the shop, the further away from spawn platforms it should be to be courteous of others shops' reachability.

    3. Shop chests require a meaningful structure built around/by them that should be no smaller than 5x5 blocks in size

    4. Shops should consist of more than one shop chest and sell/buy more than one item type

      1. The auction house should be used for selling of such items.

      2. Specific cases for valuable or custom items (ex. special banner patterns) are waived from this rule. If you are unsure if your case infringes on this rule, please ask a staff member.

    5. Players are allowed to create multiple shops, so long as they are spread out throughout the market and not built nearby each other.

      1. Constructing any additional shop past 5 shops requires clearance from a staff member.

    6. Shop and shop chest guidelines do not apply to shops/shop chests set up outside of the market region.

    7. Shops with inactive owners (1 or more months of inactivity) may be auctioned off to another player or demolished by staff to ensure the market shops stay lively.

    8. Very low effort shops may be demolished by staff without prior warning.

    9. Claims in the market may be resized to be more reasonable, or removed all-together if the situation calls for that.

    10. We typically will contact you and request structures violating these rules to be demolished by you, but if it is not done in a timely manner or must be removed immediately, staff will handle the demolition and apply further sanctions if necessary.

  3. Auction House Etiquette

    1. Auction listings should be fairly priced and reflect the item's rarity and quantity

    2. Auctions should have value, common items in small quantities should not be listed

    3. Items of similar type should be bundled into a single auction instead of individually to prevent spam. Bundled auctions can be created using /ah sell <price> -b

  4. Trading & Scamming

    1. Scamming or deceiving other players out of items, vibecoin, or other belongings in any way is not allowed

    2. All trades should be conducted honestly, with full disclosure and agreement from all parties involved.

  5. PvP and Teaming

    1. PvP in the survival world is only allowed if all parties involved have given their explicit permission.

      1. Simply having PvP toggled on is not sufficient as consent.

    2. No teaming in the PvP arena or Party Games unless it is mutually agreed upon the whole lobby

  6. Environmental Responsibility

    1. Avoid uselessly or excessively damaging the landscape of the world, i.e. placing blocks under your feet as you travel, making dirt towers, etc.

    2. Do not leave half-cut trees or hanging blocks.

    3. If you create any temporary structures, like a one night dirt hut, placing a crafting table, or spawning a boat in the wilderness, dismantle them once you are done to keep the world clean.

  7. Idling (AFKing)

    1. AFK farming for items in moderation is okay, but should never require any form of auto clicking or auto movement, including fish farms.

    2. Cumulatively AFKing farming longer than 12 hours within a 24 hour period is considered excessive and is not allowed

      1. Extended AFK periods past 12 hours are only allowed if not for farming purposes

    3. Note that the server restarts daily at 4:50 AM EST.

Section 3 | Server Etiquette & Fair Play

  1. Do not impair the server performance or other player’s games

    1. The construction of any kind of redstone lag machines or other contraptions that are intended to impair the server or players is prohibited

    2. Intentionally impacting server performance through actions intended to overload the server is strictly disallowed

    3. Impacting other nearby players' games through actions that heavily impact their FPS or their server connectivity is strictly disallowed

    4. If you have a meaningful build or contraption that disrupts server performance, you may be contacted to adjust or downsize it

      1. In severe circumstances, the build may be adjusted or removed entirely by staff before attempting to contact you

  2. All functionalities and features available must be utilized for their designated purposes.

    1. It is prohibited to exploit any features or repurpose them for unintended uses

      1. Modifying or manipulating functionalities beyond their original purpose, particularly for personal benefit, to cause disruption, or to disrupt the balance of the game, is not allowed.

      2. If any part of a particular feature is unclear, it is your responsibility to reach out and ask for clarification

  3. Cheating of any form, abusing exploits, or using any client modifications that give you an advantage over users playing on vanilla is not allowed

    1. Do not exploit any loopholes, glitches, or bugs that you find within the features provided.

      1. If found, report them to staff privately. We reward bug hunters ;)

  4. Allowed game modifications

    1. Optimization mods like Sodium, Optifine, etc.

    2. Cosmetic or utility mods that don't offer any unfair advantages.

      1. Full bright mods, and inventory sorting or Mouse Wheelie mods are an exception to this rule and are permitted.

    3. Custom HUDs that display fps, coordinates, biome, world time, clicks per second, armor, key clicks, or similar text/icon metrics.

    4. World maps and minimaps (cave finders are not permitted).

    5. Litematica for building assistance by previewing schematics (auto-building functions are not permitted)

    6. If you are unsure whether a specific game modification is allowed, please ask a staff member.

  5. Attempting to circumvent any restrictions or punishments placed on you is prohibited

    1. This includes but is not limited to:

      1. Joining on an alternate account after being banned or jailed

      2. Using signs, books, or other methods to speak while muted

  6. Reports to staff

    1. Provide accurate and honest information: all reports to staff are expected to be legitimate. Fabricating or exaggerating report details is not allowed.

    2. While staff do their best to monitor the community, we can’t catch everything and rely on the community to help us maintain a safe and enjoyable space on vibe. If you observe any actions or behaviors that you think might violate the server rules, appear questionable, or are inappropriate, please report them to the staff immediately.

      1. The preferable method for contacting staff is through our Discord ticket system. Join our /discord and link, then go to the #contact-staff channel to create a private channel with you and the staff team.

      2. For urgent situations, please try to pass your report to a player who has Discord access and can contact us directly through tickets.

      3. If you are unable to use Discord, you can contact staff in-game by checking if any online players have a blue ⌘ Staff icon and are either [O] owner, [A] admin, or [H] helper/mod by holding down the TAB key to bring the player list up. You can contact them in chat, or by private messaging them using /msg <name> <msg>

        1. If no staff are online, you can /mail send <username> <msg> For the username, send to both kiiix and olivifrog (you can press your up arrow after opening the chat box to load your last message into the text field)

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