Creative Plots

The plot world is a communal build space where everybody can get dedicated plots of land to build freely in creative, solo or with friends! Equip with intuitive plot controls and unmetered WorldEdit, the plot world is a great place to let your creativity shine. The modes flexibility also makes it an ideal place to prototype builds and designs before making them in the survival world.

Use /creative to travel to the plot world!

Plot manage menu

Plot settings, access management, and other changes can be made through the plot manage menu accessed by right-clicking the diamond in your hotbar. Plot manage actions are executed on the plot you are currently within.

In the menu, you can:

  • Add or remove a players permission to build on your plot

  • Set plot biome

  • Set plot time

  • Set plot weather

  • Kick/ban a player from the plot

  • Find center

  • Set plot spawn (where players are teleported when using the /plot visit command)

  • See plot info

  • Merge/unmerge plots

  • Reset plot

  • Delete plot


WorldEdit is offered in the plot world. For in-depth information and commands, see the WorldEdit page.

Block belts

Using the F key while holding an item will show blocks of similar type for you to easily grab them.


  • /plot auto Automatically claim and teleport to an available plot

  • /plot claim Claim the plot you're currently standing in if not taken

  • /plot visit [player] [plot number] Teleport to somebody's plot

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