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Welcome to vibe central's official wiki! Use the left navigation bar or search bar on the right to learn about the server
This site provides up-to-date information regarding the server and its features.
If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to see something added, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our staff team, or even contribute your own content/edits! :)

About the server

Established on 01/03/20, vibe central is a close-knit community of folk who love to sit back, enjoy each others company and have a good time. Play comfortably in our no-grief guarantee survival world featuring terralith world generation adding over 85 new custom biomes, rpg-like custom skill leveling, economy, exciting quests and challenges, player markets, personal & community waypoints, keep-inventory, mob head drops, /fly for builds, and a ton more awesome stuff (see the tweaks list)
Packed with exclusive plugins & features made just for vibe, we deliver a familiar yet unique experience you can't get anywhere else. We cater a friendly community of people who love vibing, and are always happy to see new members around! Our mission is to provide a unique ever-evolving, polished and fine-tuned space for people of all kinds to come together and hang out. We are dedicated to giving players an unforgettable multiplayer experience without any annoying disruptions or unfair advantages, period.

No-grief guarantee

If you're griefed or stolen from, you may contact staff on our Discord or in-game to have the damage completely reversed. We take extra care to protect the community and ensure all your work is backed up and saved in the event it is lost.

A survival experience like no other

Enjoy more fun gameplay & progression with the countless tweaks we've made to the normal Minecraft experience, from extra game sounds, skills, quests, mob rarities & mobdex, tree feller, vein miner, rideable enderpearls, realistic explosions, chest & inventory item sorting, raised enchantment level limits, and tons more.
Through years of development, we've meticulously fine tuned with immersive enhancements that just feel right. All tweaks expand on the game in a way that stay true to Minecraft's core to create a much more enjoyable, fun, and engaging experience.
Thanks to server & plugin magic, you can join without any special requirements and experience every tweak, no mods or resource packs needed.

Whatever you're feeling

In addition to our core smp, we offer an exclusive party games suite of over 20 minigames, a shared plotworld with unmetered WorldEdit, a large selection of community made parkour courses, a kit pvp arena, and frequent events for when you want a break from survival or want to fully dive into something else