The initial server rank with no special privileges


Automatically granted to players who have played 8 or more hours (AFK time is excluded)

Unlocks perks:

VIP Tiers 1-6

Vibe features six VIP tier ranks with an increasing amount of non pay to win exclusive server perks. Each upgrade is a one time purchase that grants you the lifetime access to the tier.


Alternatively view the VIP Perk Chart

VIP Tier 1

Unlocks perks:

VIP Tier 2

Unlocks perks:

Vip Tier 3

Unlocks perks:

Vip Tier 4

Unlocks perks:

Vip Tier 5

Unlocks perks:

Vip Tier 6

Unlocks perks:


Benefactors are folk who have generously donated $100 or more to vibe. The role itself shares same abilities as VIP Tier 6, with the exception of a special prefix. There is a special benefactor hall at the hub that showcases the benefactors.

Moderator / Helper

Mods do all the same things as members, but have additional responsibilities designated in surface-level community management to ensure the server stays fun and enjoyable for all, such as muting or jailing rule breakers, and raising issues whether related to the server or specific users to administrators.

While Helper and Moderator refer to the same role in the server, Moderator is the official title. H is used in-game for prefixing, as M is already occupied by Members.

Interested in joining our team? See the staff application info page


Admins play a crucial role in the server management, handling tasks like banning rule breakers, rolling back block damage from griefs or robberies, assisting in the rollout of new features or changes to existing server functions by providing feedback and recommendations, maintaining order and direction among lower level staff, as well as managing daily operations to ensure a smoothly functioning server environment.


The highest level of management on the server, involving things like development, management of the servers backend architecture, leading ideation and design for new features, financial oversight, and managing other key logistical elements that maintain server operations and determine its direction and structure.

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