Join messages

You can select your own join message from a set of 26 available messages using /joinmsg. Join message selection requires the Member rank or above. Some join messages are exclusive to VIP players.

Available messages

  • Default: [name] has joined
  • [name] popped in
  • [name] is here!
  • [name] has been summoned
  • [name] logged in!
  • [name] just joined!
  • [name] is back online!
  • [name] dialed in
  • [name] hopped in
  • [name] just landed

VIP exclusives

  • [name] appeared out of thin air o_o
  • [name] is ready to ~~ vibe ~~
  • [name] is here to party!
  • [name] is here to ~~ chill ~~
  • [name] is here with good vibes!
  • [name] is here to v i b r a t e
  • [name] is here to share sum vibez
  • [name] vibe into the server
  • [name] just joined the server - glhf!
  • [name] just joined. everyone, look busy!
  • [name] just joined. hide your bananas.
  • [name] shifted into the dimension
  • [name] is here.
  • [name] joined the party!
  • [name] slid into the server
  • [name] just spawned